Ashton Shepherd – “Look It Up”

Ashton Shepherd

Come back song, “Look It Up” from Ashton Shepherd is a song I’ve been waiting to hear for a long time now. I haven’t been waiting to hear it specifically; I just wanted something from her, as she’s been gone far too long. Was the wait worth it? Well kind of. While this isn’t as strong as her debut album’s singles it does sound like something radio will play. The lyrics while nice and feisty do get somewhat repetitive towards the end, but she sells it well. Her awesome southern drawl has been hidden somewhat, but the same thing happened to Sunny Sweeney and she’s now climbing inside the top 20 so we can hope the same will apply to Ashton’s single. Honestly I think a good reason most female artists have been struggling to break through is weak singles with no personality behind them. Ashton, like Sunny have avoided that and exude plenty of personality; so while the lyrics may be repetitive and somewhat unoriginal it can be ignored to an extent. I like this one a lot and am hoping that Ashton gets a hit with it. B+


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